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Bahra Polytechnic College, Patiala Campus
Affilated to P.S.B of Tech. Edu.& Industrial Training, Chandigarh.
About BPC

Presently India is one of the fastest developing economies on this planet and is expected to emerge as one of the biggest economic powers of the world. Our Engineers are playing befitting role in India's pursuit to become the developed nation of the world.
In keeping with this requirement the Indian Govt. has taken appropriate steps to produce adequate engineering professionals in different streams of engineering. Consequently, in the recent past numerous engineering institutions have been established both in public and private sectors all over the country.
In keeping with these requirements our management has set up Bahra Polytechnic College.
Churning out engineers of competence is indeed a challenging task. The Bahra Polytechnic College provides the perfect platform for students to transform their minds from non-technical to technical. The management of Bahra Polytechnic College provided the basic infrastructure for the achievement of this objective. The institute can claim of excellent facilities in terms of building and campus in accordance with the AICTE norms. Not only that the institute has on its rolls well qualified faculty, the faculty is well motivated and dedicated towards the cause of promoting quality education.
Co-curricular activities like sports, cultural and excursions are given adequate importance as part of the daily routine for overall development of the students. All out efforts are made to give “Hands On” industrial exposure to the students by organizing industrial visits and training during the course of studies. The institute is located in lush green and pollution free surroundings away from the dust and rumbles of city life and provides ideal platform for the over all development of young minds.

I wish all aspirants good luck in their pursuit to be excellent engineers and citizens of our great nation.

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