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SOM lab is equipped with good quality equipments. Experiments are performed under the guidance of expert teachers and Lab technicians. In this lab different experiments can be performed to check the different properties of materials and bodies. There are different types of machines in this lab to perform tests. Here we can perform the tests like tensile test, compressive test, fatigue test, impact test, hardness test, stiffness test, torsion test, etc. This lab has a capacity of 50 students at a time to perform the different experiments. Instruction manuals are available for different experiments. There are also work tables and stools for students to perform the experiments. The location of the laboratory is such that there is proper illumination in the lab without any artificial mode of light in the morning. This lab has the following machines: Universal Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Spring Stiffness Tester, Vernier Calliper, Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine, Brinell Microscope, Ball Indicator, Cone Indicator, Bending Testing Machine, etc.


H&P Lab has a very large capacity. It can handle strength of more than 100 students at a time. It has well- quality equipments which can perform hydraulic and pneumatics experiments very accurately without creating any error. It has good furniture to perform and explain the experiments. It has well qualified and experienced teachers and instructors to help the students. The lab is designed in such a manner that students can perform the experiments for research work any time. It has good illumination and ventilation capacity. The lab is fulfilling the duty of helping the students to increase there need of practical knowledge. This lab has the following equipments: Piezometer U- Tube manometer, Single Colum Manometer, Inverted U- Tube manometer, Venturimeter Bernoulli's Theorem apparatus, Darcy Co-efficient of friction, Automobile apparatus, Hydraulic Ram, Pelton wheel Turbine, Francis Turbine, Centrifugal pump, etc

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